How to Cite a Dissertation in APA?


You have already used the APA (American Psychological Association) style. The citation includes the information which helps in answering the question on four bases: who create work, when it was created, what it can be called, and from where it was found. For APA dissertation citation, you have to add some necessary information which depends on the dissertation is published or not. For this, you have to get some knowledge about its method.

There are some methods which may clear your all doubt regarding citation.

Citing published dissertation

  • The APA citation may write the last name of the author and follow a comma. In an essay if there is more than one name of the author should be written then you should have to write it on the title page.
  • You have to write the year in which it is publishing. After the author’s name, the year should be written and place the period after the closing postscript.
  • The title of the dissertation may be lengthy. You can also write the title with the italic font and also write all the words with capitalizing from. While writing the paragraph only capital those words which is required.
  • If the dissertation should be done in the institution united state so it may difficult to publish on a commercial database.
  • When you have completed your citation, please check that your quote should carry only one line.

Citing the unpublished dissertations

  • It also followed as like the above method the name of author must be should be written with their first and middle original.
  • If your dissertation should be unpublished, then there is any problem behind it. It may be that you may not write the year of publishing; you have to write the year.
  • You should have to write the full title of the dissertation and in a bold font.
  • You have to write the location of your institute from where you have written.
  • After writing a dissertation you have to check citation, if there is any mistake, then you can make it improve.

Writing In-text citation

  • It should be an essential thing that you must have to list the name of the author.
  • Write the year of publication.
  • Write all the page number on the pages which help in assembling it by name wise.

These are some methods which help you in APA dissertation citation.